Occupational Health and Safety Management

 Establishment of a Safety Culture and Implementation of Occupational Health and Safety Management with Respect for Human Dignity 

Company REC practices a safety culture with respect for human dignity and implements occupational health and safety management. We strictly comply with safety regulations and rules to prevent accidents and continually improve. We establish and implement the following occupational health and safety policy.
  • 01

    Understanding and Internalization of Major Accident Punishment Law

    We establish a safety management system through understanding and internalization of major industrial accidents and major accident punishment laws.
  • 02

    Recognizing Prevention as the Best Solution for Accidents

    We recognize that prevention is the best solution for accidents and identify and improve hazardous and risky factors and take necessary measures.
  • 03

    Sharing Occupational Health and Safety Consciousness with Partner Companies

    We share occupational health and safety consciousness with partner companies by listening to their opinions and seeking improvement measures.
  • 04

    Establishment of an Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Continual Management

    We have a systematic management system for safety and health and maintain continual management.